More intricate Cartier LOVE bracelets are designed with diamonds

I have had both of these cartier love bracelets for quite some time. These are the white gold with 10 diamonds and the rose gold with colored gemstones. I really love them, they are an iconic Cartier piece symbolizing enduring love and commitment. So they are meaningful to me. They range in size from I believe starting at sixteen, all the way up to 22.

I love this cartier love bracelet! They are beautiful and the price is great. I will definitely order more in the future. I would advise anyone who needs a little remembrance gift, to order these. Thank You for the opportunity and prompt service. cartierlovebracelets

Instantly recognizable design of Cartier LOVE Collection. An iconic Cartier item of jewelry ~ This bracelet is fastened  by two screws with the use of it’s individual  screwdriver. The screws do not come out all the way on the new Cartier Love bracelets, instead the two bracelet halves simple slide together and are  tightened with an ergonomic screwdriver.

This cartier love bangle is absolutely STUNNING! I’ve been wearing it for the past couple weeks (through showers, rain, etc.) and it still glistens as much as the day I got it. I get compliments on it ALL the time. Very dainty, delicate, and durable. I’m sure it won’t last forever, but for $20, I’d be willing to buy it over and over again. Quick shipping. Very satisfied 🙂

I am so happy with my purchase, and very pleased that my order arrived way sooner than expected.high quality cartier love bracelet replica I’m pretty small, so I can slide the bracelet off and on my wrist pretty easily. My bracelet did come with the little screw driver but I didn’t need it so I can’t comment on how well it works. As far as quality goes, the cheap cartier love bracelet has a nice weight to it so it doesn’t feel flimsy.

The LOVE series is crafted in yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. More intricate Cartier LOVE bracelets are designed with diamonds. Every Cartier LOVE piece is under the Portero Promise, guaranteeing authenticity and quality. What a perfect Cartier imitation. Love it! Never removed it from my arm the moment I received it. Hope to have more so I could order another one.

These are gender-neutral bracelets and suited to be worn by man or woman. I find them to be very classic, very chic, very elegant and rapid trendy these days as well. Cartier Love Bracelets were introduced in the seventies, I believe in 1974 or 1975. They have really endured the test time and they continue to still be extremely special and popular.Cheap-Cartier-Love-Bracelet

The links are stretchy and the item fits wonderfully. It is light and not heavy to wear at all. Make no mistake just because it is light on the wrist it is still hardy and substantial. The “find a cure” links are raised and not stamped in so dirt will not find its way into those links. I am very pleased with this product and will be ordering similar pieces for family and friends.

I will be sharing with you my Cartier Love Bracelets. Now, these are gifts and I never take them off. But for this show-and-tell session and Cartier love bracelet review I will be taking them off for you. This ring is just as pictured and advertised! I love it! It actually came packaged in the cutest ring box that looked like a wrapped present, but this beauty was for me!

How far would you go for love? This is the question posed by Cartier with its now-iconic piece, the LOVE bracelet. Its appeal is multifaceted — a cult item beloved by the fashion set, celebrity favorite and classic piece with instant recognition, it hits every note.Street Style - Paris Fashion Week, Womenswear S/S 2015 : September 29th

I politely declined and blowed my nose in my t-shirt again. Brunhilda was so nice that she touched my mucus and even removed it from my t-shirt. She was smiling and very happy that she finally made a sale. It might not I have a small wrist and it fits me perfectly. Plus I been loosin my screw on bracelet. Love this bracelet so much that I had to order another one. Thats the only problem I have with it. Wish they would send extra screw with it!!

This Cartier Love Bracelet, now with the new easier to use screw  system, is one of the most popular selling items of jewelry by Cartier. The  Cartier Love Bracelet is unisex ~ numerous celebrities are seen wearing the  bracelet both on and off the red carpet. Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie,  Tina Turner, Kelly Ripa, Eva Mendes, Elton John, Kanye West, Justin Bieber and  Larry King to name but a few have been known to wear the beautiful Cartier Love love bracelet replica-wholesale

DURABLE HINGE DESIGN provides durability and longevity. Similar Nail Bracelets here on Amazon fail and fall short with their hinges which become loose after repeated opening and closing this piece is always as good as new because of its spring loaded opening and closure

Hi, I recently found a Love bracelet on the beach in Miami. Didn’t think much about it because it was in two pieces. Until I got home and realized that it wasn’t broken at all. Once I looked it up it turns out its a Replica Cartier Love Bracelet (18K yellow gold). Not sure what I should do with it.

Cartier Love bangles are one of the most singularly iconic pieces of jewelry in history. They’re highly recognizable, highly covet-able, and highly symbolic. So it goes with luxury goods, this combination usually leads to knockoffs. We happened to catch one such knockoff at our showroom, and wanted to share with you so you won’t be fooled by fake Cartier love bracelet. So, how do you tell if a Cartier love bracelet is real or fake?cartier-juste un clou celebrity

Should you  find that the description or a picture does not appear properly, try pressing  your refresh button. We respectfully ask buyers make all inquires prior to  bidding. A lot of attention and care is taken to provide clear and detailed  photographs as well as providing descriptions, therefore it is the  responsibility of the buyer to take the time to look at the pictures and read  the description completely.

It took a while for it to get shopped to me (around 3-4 weeks) but it was very worth it! at first the screws were hard to put in, but you get the hang of it after a while. i wear it everyday and even shower with it and it’s in the same condition as when i got it!!

However, a quality piece, made of solid gold and signed by Cartier is still an investment, even below retail. And bargain hunters still try to find a way around paying a few thousand dollars for the coveted Cartier Love bangle. We’re sensitive to people’s budget limitations – everyone has a budget.celebrity with cartier juste un clou bracelet

I’m allergic to all nickel products so i was really nervous about this causing a reaction but nothing has happened so far!! it hasn’t tarnished either which is so great. i get so many compliments on it and it really does look like a real cartier love bracelet! if you’re thinking about ordering this. Looks good and right fit. Great quality. Will be buying more. Easy gift ideas for men and women in your life.

The bracelet is cute. I like it. Since I don’t know how the real bracelet looks like, I can’t compare the like-ness of it. The bracelet, however, is gorgeous! The downfall of it is that you would need to unscrew both ends to get the bracelet on, rescrew the bracelet ends together. If you plan on having a bracelet to slip on, this is not it. But it’s better to the real thing that you’ll ever get.

See? Told you we put your budget first! All joking aside, the fact that fake Cartier love bracelet is illegal should be the biggest turn off for would be customers. While it might be difficult to conjure any sympathy for the multi-billion dollar company of Cartier love bracelet, focus instead on the bracelet itself.Cartier-Love-Bracelet-types

She smiled showing her ugly yellow teeth and then she told me that she available tonight.My credit card was declined and I had to make my way to the exit. Brunhilda’s face appeared red from anger and she even tried to chase me through the mall but the mucus from my tee shirt hit her in the eye and she was blinded for a couple minutes and I was able to make my getaway.

If you take a look at the screw stamps, you’ll see the screws on the fake are all wrong. The indentation for the screwdriver is crooked on some, uneven in others, sometimes it slopes down to meet the outer perimeter of the screw stamps. Moreover, the clean lines of the authentic Cartier Love bracelet’s stamps all but disappear on the fake’s screw outlines. See how the outer shape of the screws is softer?

1 YEAR GUARANTEED WARRANTY, if your bracelet fails on you just get in contact with us and we’ll make it right by replacing your piece with a new one! BEAUTIFUL GLOSSY FINISH, colors include Silver, Gold, Rose and Gun Metal. If you’ve searched for: mens nail bracelet, womens nail bracelets, nail bracelets men, nail bracelets women, nail bracelet black or love bracelet…cartier love ring rose gold

I am considering buying a rose gold LOVE that I saw at a reputable jewelry store in Los Angeles. However, the serial number has a “J1” after it and the serial number, Hallmark, etc… are on the opposite half as the yellow gold I own that was purchased from Cartier. I was told that it is from Japan. Does anyone know if that is accurate?

Special design wedding ring, creativity and enthusiasm in this jewelry masterpiece together seamlessly. Classic Cartier love ring and Cartier love bracelet replica are the best choice for wedding,party. “Love,” said Cipullo, “has become too commercial, yet life without love is nothing — a fat zero. What modern people want are love symbols that look semi-permanent — or, at least, require a trick to remove. After all, love symbols should suggest an everlasting quality.”

I mean, as a species, we humans are a good one, aren’t we? We’re advanced, reasonably intelligent, marginally civilized. And yet we can’t seem to control our eyeballs during moments when it’s reeeaally important that we do, for the sake of politeness!cartier-juste-un-clou-replica

And note that the metal outside of the screws has an almost puffy quality to it. The authentic Love bangle, on the left, is smooth and even with crisp screws stamped right into the gold with no compromise of the surrounding metal. No and no. You will like it. Get 2 if you want. I recommend it. I love mine. Never came off my hand since I purchased it.

I received my bangle bracelet today and wow its so nice and pretty.. But its way to big on my wrist. I have such a tiny small kids wrist and it looks so big on me… I wish they have a smaller size for ppl like me. Other than that I have no complaints its great bracelet. I want to purchase different colors if thry come out with smaller sizes…plz make some smaller sizes.

I talked to our owners about this question and they agree it could be correct. Unfortunately because of today’s knock offs that are so super perfect we don’t really recommend buying a preowned one with out documentation from Cartier and from our experience Cartier will not authenticate anything unless you are the original owner. Even reputable stores can make mistakes (as we can unfortunately testify!)cartier-secret-love-ring

A child of 1970s New York, the LOVE collection serves to seal love that transgresses convention. The stark screws, ideal oval shape and undeniable elegance establish the piece as a timeless tribute to passionate romance. Studded with diamonds, yellow gold or rose gold: how far would you go for LOVE?

Cartier LOVE bracelets are surrounded with lore. As the story goes, they could at first only be purchased by couples who would surrender the screwdrivers to one another. When Cartier introduced the bracelet, they further cemented its romantic symbolism by giving them to high-profile celebrity pairs like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton and Ali MacGraw and Steve McQueen. According to Vogue, legend even has it that some New York City hospitals keep a LOVE bracelet screwdriver on hand in case patients need the piece removed.

Cartier Love bracelet “Unlike traditional bracelets, which are either wide enough to slip them over the hand onto the wrist or can readily be opened in order to put them on, the Love bracelet is designed to be opened only using a special screwdriver that is supplied with every bracelet. The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace, allowing the bracelet to be “locked” onto one person while the “key” is kept around the neck of another.Cheap-Cartier-Love-Bracelet

Unfortunately we cannot authenticate Cartier Love bangles, as Cartier no longer verifies the bangles. We can spot fakes, but if the authority itself has discontinued the practice, we can’t claim to be more knowledgeable than Cartier about authentic Love bangles.

Now I want to share a little bit about the fit. I know that for those people looking to gift or purchase a love bracelet, sizing is a huge debate. First of all, if possible do going to the boutique to get sized. They have sizers made from regular alloy to these bracelets in stock where they will perhaps place them on you to determine sizing.

In June 2006, Cartier introduced the Love charity bracelet, a version consisting of a silk cord and a golden ring bearing the word LOVE. Cartier donates $150 from the sale of each bracelet to a variety of charities, each backed by a celebrity. The 2009 version of the charity bracelet was promoted by actress Eva love ring sale

Thank you for this information. I have found a white gold Cartier love bracelet with the serial number CRT2245. It has 750 stamp. There is no screw driver to open lock. The lock can be opened but it is very hard. I need additional information about the lock. Can a real Cartier love bracelet be opened with out the key? I would appreciate any information.

Of course, today, the Google query of “Cartier Love bracelets fake vs real?” is easily answered. Cartier’s modern Love bangles are stamped not only with serial numbers, but with the Cartier love bracelet logo and copyright, the 18kt gold 750 stamp, and a hallmark. Most fake Cartier love bracelets will only imitate the stamps partially, and not very well at that. We’ll use this as our first example of how to spot a fake Cartier Love bracelet.

even our clients who come into our Boca showroom asking for a 15 carat canary diamond with a flawless GIA grade have a budget in mind that they’re comfortable with. However, if you don’t have the budget (yet) to purchase an authentic Cartier Love bracelet, you shouldn’t buy a fake Love bracelet. Here’s Why.replicacartier love ring

Overall, I had a wonderful experience with Brunhilda and can highly recommend her to other customers. That look on her face when she thought she sold something was a look of a possum in love. Overall, I gave up on Cartier since I can’t even put it on my credit card because of my $200 limit. I will surprise my relatives with a fake Cartier love bracelet though, which I recenly bought off Ebay for $20.

I bought a similar one that was tiny from James Avery for more money. Sent it back. This one is very large, very strong and has a solid, well made feel to it, clearly LOTS of silver in this product. Very happy with it for the price. The James Avery one that is kind of close to this size is 3 times the price and smaller.

Of course, things have changed and now anyone may lock themselves into the chic confines of the storied bracelet. And while a LOVE bracelet may be easier to remove than the proverbial chastity belt, it has still proved enduring. fake cartier love ringThey continue to increase in price and popularity, making them more coveted now than ever among those declaring their everlasting love, but also as graduation gifts or ‘treat yourself’ indulgences. And they still find their place on the arms of modern celebrities from Angelina Jolie to Kanye West.

My mother gave me a lovely bangle 20 years ago that looks like a Love bracelet. It has the Cartier love bracelet logo inside alongside the number 526. I think it’s a fake, though, because it’s stamped 9ct. She bought it at an auction in England without any provenance. Am I right to assume it’s not authentic? Thanks!

I have recently purchased a Cartier bracelet with these numbers printed on the inside. 518 Cartier OL2525. Are you able to inform me if it is a fake. juste un clou replicaPertaining to the far less expensive Aldo Cipullo 18Kt Electroplate Love Bracelet that was distributed by Charles Revson in 1970, would you happen to know what the electroplate is bonded to? What type of metal? Thanks!

Jon surprised me (an understatement… I remember freaking out lol) with this for our 3rd Valentine’s day ?. Since Valentine’s day is approaching again, and since the Love bracelet is a classic, romantic investment piece, I thought it might be nice to review my thoughts on it and provide information for those who are interested / prospective buyers. Sometimes they can just be very difficult if they haven’t been opened in a while. You can use any screwdriver that will fit though – not just the tiny ones that come with the bracelets. One with a longer handle will give you more leverage. If you still can’t get it open, bring it to us if you’re local!

It’s impossible for us to say without seeing it (and even then it would be an educated guess.) It could be real, because the vintage pieces from the 70’s didn’t have the same authenticity markers that more recent models do. The 9kt stamp would make us suspicious too though! LOVE it #cartier #fashion This is my dream cartier jewelry-fashion cartier jewelry!! Click pics for best price.Replica Cartier Jewelry

Item was as described and customer service was awesome. Will use this company in the future with no hesitations. Keep up the good work!!!  Everytime I wear this Aquamarine chip bracelet I get compliments about how pretty it is!..It is also just the right color..very pretty light blue..Also well made,strong,I like to slide my bracelets on without undoing the clasp and have had some bracelets break but this one hasn’t so far…the sizing is perfect..

I was sized to be size 16 and they fit perfectly, they actually go down a little further than recommended. They’re supposed to be rather fitted look at your oval dangles. Just for aesthetic purposes and fitting purposes I’ve arranged for some bangles here.

Yes, the bracelet will eventually acquire a patina from daily wear and tear. Personally I’m not bothered by this, I believe that when items show wear, it means that they’ve been loved! All my favorite books have tiny splotches of ramen on the pages because when I was young I used to love to eat noodles while reading hehe.  cartier-juste-un-clou-sale

I have a question about another Cartier line – Meli Melo rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces. Does any one know if there are fakes/imitations BUT OUT OF REAL GOLD AND JEWELS? I recently bought a ring and earrings, they are real 18K gold with real diamonds and gemstones, almost exact design as on Cartier pages, but with VERY small variations and there is NO Cartier stamps on them. But design is identical AND metal/stones are real.

What could it be? who would go through trouble of using such expensive materials to duplicate Cartier love bracelet and NOT put a “Cartier” or any stamp on it? This is a mystery! please advise. You will collect your order, presented in the iconic red box, at the Cartier boutique in The Wonder Room.

Special design wedding ring, creativity and enthusiasm in this jewelry masterpiece together seamlessly. Classic Cartier love ring and Cartier love bracelet replica are the best choice for wedding,party,find your favourite ring.CRT20569_1_enlarged-227x300

I have extremely small wrists so I wish these came in varied sizes so I could have my perfect size. All together though it’s perfect, the gold overlay is a very beautiful and realistic color of gold. It’s very shiny and hasn’t scratched up easily so far. I plan on getting the rose gold one next for myself and one for my mom as well. Hope you like yours as well 🙂

LOVE is a provocative talisman,rallying cry for modern love,totally free from convention. . Each item FREE come with Cartier Jewellery. Red pouch & Red box & gift bag & Anti-tarnish Silver Polishing Cloth. 925 Sterling Silver Or 18CT Gold. 100% High Quality & Authentic Guarantee.

1:1 Cartier Love Bracelet Very good quality bracelet! Heavy, all diamonds are still in it, comes with tool, all gold. Serious Inquires only. Replica 1:1 quality! Best quality! Could never tell it is not the original bracelet!! Serious inquiries only. Was a gift, then found out it was not the real thing. But it fooled me so it’s very good good good quality!